Office Efficiency: How to learn each time you UNDO

This is a short article. It is just a new thought which you have to apply in your actual work…

A good use of UNDO is to correct some mistake.

But often we perform some activity expecting some specific thing to happen. Unfortunately something else happens and then we get frustrated. To repair the damage, we press UNDO. That is called misuse of Undo.

undo shortcut

Undo mean you don’t know how to do!

So today is the day where you will start noticing each UNDO action and think… what went wrong? Can I perform the activity in a little different way so that I can get what I want?

In short we are going to convert every UNDO into a Learning Opportunity Smile

One good thing is to keep looking for and clicking on these icons which crop up when something apparently goes wrong.


These icons provide you with all the actions available in that situation – which should help you get what you wanted.

Just try it and let me know how much you learnt!

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