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New Checkboxes in Excel & It’s Use cases

Checkboxes in Excel have been there for a long time. However, in Oct 2023, Microsoft introduced a simpler and more elegant way to add checkboxes right within Excel cells. Learn how to use the new and the OLD checkboxes. More importantly, learn WHEN to use the checkboxes. Three scenarios are covered – checklists, interactive business models and comparisons.

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  1. Intro – 00:00
  2. The old checkbox (form controls) – 01:26
  3. How to use the new checkbox – 02:54
  4. How to add the old checkbox – 03:20
  5. Clearing checkboxes – 04:10
  6. Checklists – 04:37
  7. Playing with AND / OR / COUNTIF functions – 05:21
  8. Using checkboxes for comparisons – 06:19
  9. Business models using checkboxes – 09:15

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