PowerPoint 3D

3D objects are a great way to add some depth and realism to your PowerPoint presentations. They can make your slides more engaging and interactive, and they are easy to insert and manipulate. In this video, I will show you how to find and insert 3D objects from the online library, how to resize, rotate, and position them on your slides, how to apply different effects and animations to them, and how to create your own custom 3D models using Paint 3D. By the end of this video, you will be able to create amazing presentations with 3D objects that will wow your audience.


  1. Introduction – 00:00
  2. Get 3D objects – 00:10
  3. Adjusting 3d Objects – 00:23
  4. Pan and Zoom – 00:51
  5. Camera angles – 00:58
  6. Animation – 01:06
  7. Turntable, Swing and Jump – 01:31
  8. Animated objects – 02:40
  9. Create your own 3D objects – 02:55
  10. Morph Transition – 03:51

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