Convert logo to 3D animation

How to convert your logo to 3D animation? Sounds like a very technical and complex topic. Right?

Not at all. Do this in just 5 minutes using Paint 3D and PowerPoint. Paint 3D is available for free as a part of Windows (10 or 11). PowerPoint supports 3D objects since many years and provides animations as well as morphing.

How to convert your logo to a 3D object and do the animation in PowerPoint.


Jump to a specific topic in the video directly using these timeline links.

  1. Introduction – 00:00
  2. Open / Install Paint 3D on Windows – 00:09
  3. Create new file and switch off Canvas – 00:22
  4. Create 3D cube – 00:34
  5. Insert your logo as a sticker – 01:16
  6. Apply logo on top of the cube – 01:43
  7. Save the project and Export 3D logo – 02:04
  8. Import 3D model GLB into PowerPoint – 02:23
  9. Animation with 3D logo – 02:43
  10. Using Morph with 3d logo – 03:50
  11. Morph + Animation – 04:24

Paint 3D

This is a part of Windows. You can also download it from Microsoft Store.

The app is very easy to use. Few minutes of work and you are good to go. Of course, this is not a professional 3D application. It is designed for students, teachers and business users to create simple 3D objects very quickly.

You are not required to know anything about the complexities of 3D modelling. It is intuitive and result oriented.

Having said that, there is a large library of ready-to-use 3D models. You can use it within Paint 3D as well as within Office apps – Insert – 3D model – Stock 3D Images.

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