Crosstab to tabular data – how to convert

Once you know how to convert crosstab to tabular format, your data processing becomes super-fast and efficient. Most people struggle with multiple crosstab inputs and waste enormous amount of time in the process. In this video, we cover all the common variations and the methods available to convert to tabular format with minimal effort. Incorporate this into your data processing and you will save hours of time. Share this with your colleagues as well. Unless proved otherwise, everyone has some crosstab data.

So what exactly is a crosstab? Well, it is data where rows as well as columns have headings. Ideally, input (or raw) data should be tabular – which means, it should have headings only for the columns.

Crosstab masterclass video

23 minutes. 4k.

Use sample files

Converting to tabular format is a very desirable skill to develop. Download the sample files and learn the methods shown in the video.


  1. What is crosstab data – 00:00
  2. Why is crosstab format bad – 00:41
  3. Why is Tabular a good format – 01:27
  4. How to convert crosstab to tabular – 01:59
  5. Convert using Excel – Consolidation – 02:14
  6. Convert using Power Query – 03:22
  7. Converting multiple crosstabs to tabular – consolidation method – 07:28
  8. Converting multiple crosstabs to tabular – using Power Query – 11:12
  9. Multiple header crosstab to tabular – 17:05
  10. Summary – 22:28
  1. Crosstab data consolidation using Power Query
  2. Excel: Consolidating crosstab data
  3. Data Split into Two rows – Cleanup using Power Query
  4. Knowledge Pack: Data Analytics

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