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New Excel Functions – Live Event

Let us welcome the new year 2021 by learning some new Excel functions. I am conducting this live event on Saturday, 16th Jan at 3 PM India time (UTC +5.30).

Estimated reading time: 3 minutes

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New Excel functions: Session Video

Cheat Sheet & Sample file

Understand which function to use when. Learn how to learn any function.

What is covered?

Many new Excel functions have been added in recent times. The latest one is the LAMBDA function – which we will cover during this online seminar.

In addition, we will cover many other recent functions like FILTER, UNIQUE, SORT, SEQUENCE, RANDARRAY, XLOOKUP, XMATCh and more.

Excel Tables are important

To use all these new excel functions properly, using Excel Tables is essential (although not mandatory). Furthermore, you must understand the structured formula syntax. We will cover managing Tables in brief as I have already written a lot of articles about Excel Tables in the past.

How to learn Excel functions

The older Excel functions are still important. In fact, many of us have never explored all available functions. We have picked up Excel knowledge on-the-job or during college or by asking each other. As long as the work is getting done, we don’t check if there is a better way.

There are 650+ Excel functions. Of course, all of them may not be relevant to you. But unless you know what they do, how can you be sure that you are not missing something really useful?

Therefore, I will show you a simple but comprehensive method of exploring all Excel functions. It does require some effort, but it is absolutely worth it.

Excel functions to replace array formulas

These newer functions are rapidly replacing the good-old Array formulas. Array formulas are where you press SHIFT CTRL ENTER instead of ENTER to type in a formula.

Even if you have never used array formulas, you will find the new functions useful.

How can you use this knowledge?

Well, all these functions may not be relevant to you. But at least some of them will be. I am sure you have used some VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP, INDEX, MATCH sometime.

More importantly, these functions may give you new ideas to manage your work in a more elegant manner, with less effort, fewer formulas and better performance. Remember that lesser number of calculations means faster speed.

Pivot Table replacement

On many occasions we need a Pivot Table as an intermediate step. We then use the calculated numbers from the values area to create custom reports. For the custom reports, we have to use additional Excel functions outside the pivot table.

The newer functions when combined correctly give you a dynamic Pivot Table equivalent output without the constraints of Pivot tables. This can be a new area of improvement for some of you.

Register for the event

If you haven’t done so already, please register for the event here. There are no charges. But you need to register so that I am aware of the number of attendees. We have already exceeded 500+ attendees. So this will be a live broadcast (Teams Live Event) with Q&A. Total 90 minutes.

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