Pivot Tables Second Honeymoon : New course on Udemy

I am happy to announce a new, comprehensive course on Pivot Tables on Udemy. As a special benefit to blog readers, I am including a promo code for FREE access (available to first five readers, on a first-come-first-server basis). Read on for more details.

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Why call it Pivot Tables “second honeymoon”?

Let me answer the obvious question first.

Most of us have been using Pivot Tables for decades. Actually, that is what I thought. However, whenever I ask the audience about Pivot usage, you will be surprised to know that only about 50% of people have heard about it – even as of today (30 April 2017).

In any case, those who use Pivot tables face another problem. They THINK that they know Pivot Tables. It is like creating few random documents in Word and convincing yourself that “I know Word”.

Unfortunately, Pivot tables offer much more than just drag dropping fields into the four standard areas. I have seen people who “know” Pivot tables struggling to get something done manually – without knowing that it is already available in Pivot.

That is why I thought Pivot Table needs to be reintroduced in order to understand and appreciate its depth, beauty and sophistication. Hence the name “Second Honeymoon”.

Another reason is that I already have a course called “From Pivot Table to Power BI” which is quite popular on Udemy. After reviewing the feedback from over 500 students, I realized that most of them do not know the fundamentals of Pivot tables. That was another motivation for me to create a comprehensive course on Pivot Tables.

Pivot Tables are not eliminated just because Power BI has arrived. Both are complementary to each other.

Thousands of Pivot Tables courses already exist. What is different here?

Another good question. I will answer this in just two words : “Comprehensive and Practical approach”. Those who have seen me in action will understand this quickly. Those who have not attended my sessions nor read my blogs need some explanation.

The idea is simple yet powerful. Availability of plethora of content does not automatically mean the content is easy to comprehend, provides depth and guidance for practical usage.

That has always been my approach. The best way to compare and understand the value of this course is to view any of the 9 free preview videos.

What is on offer?

  • 45 in-depth and practical videos
  • No jargon used
  • Every video has a sample file to try out the features and concepts
  • Total 5.5 hours of video
  • Quiz questions to test your knowledge retention
  • Access on Android and iOs devices
  • Certificate of Completion

Discounted price USD 10  USD 30 (67% off)

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