Scrolling in Microsoft Word Mobile

Word Mobile is a brilliant product. It exceeds expectations in every possible way. For example, take a simple feature like scrolling. What more can you do to enhance scrolling? But Microsoft has really boosted that feature beyond your imagination. Here is a short visual blog to show you how it works.

14 sec video. It will repeat automatically.

Word mobile scroll

It allow you to scroll while viewing the thumbnail. So convenient and useful.

The clarify of the thumbnail is perfect, even on the small mobile screen.

Works flawlessly with large documents.

Reach the desired page and stop scrolling. It will move to that page.

There is no way to abort scrolling. Remember, no Esc button on mobiles!

Neither scrolling nor thumbnail is a new feature in itself.

But combining them together in touch context is called innovation.

2 Responses

  1. Scrolling is a nuisance….I’m currently trying to edit my document and I get so frustrated when I’m concentrating and focused, then go to scroll down the page. My finger slips into the unmarked “no-zone” where I forget there’s actually an invisible scroll bar, the document flies down three pages instantly and I lose my place and all my thoughts. The most frustrating feature which wastes time and cannot be disabled… I call that reckless not innovation

    1. Invisible scrollbar is a feature of all mobile apps. You need to get used to it. What is the alternative user experience you suggest?
      Editing long documents on mobile is never going to be a great experience.
      Also try dictation. It works very well.

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