Change YouTube Video Speed, learn better

I publish lot of videos on YouTube. My speed of speaking may not match your speed of learning or imbibing the content. Often you may not understand my accent properly. The solution is to change the YouTube Video Speed – decrease it or increase it.

Click on the gear icon (also called sprocket icon) and choose Speed. Increase it if you feel I am going very slow. Decrease it if you find my narration too fast for you to grasp.

 YouTube Video Speed - Menu

But wait, there is a catch. When you increase the speed, the screen activity also happens faster. Therefore, if I am showing a complex demo lot of clicks, menus, drawing or any other on-screen activity, you must play at normal speed. Otherwise you will miss the nuances.

Shortcut to change YouTube Video Speed

Of course there are keyboard shortcuts available. This is very useful when you want to speed up and slow down on demand.

Shift > and Shift <

This shortcut may not work in all browsers, but it is absolutely worth trying.

Other interesting shortcuts are M for mute, Up / Down arrow for volume, Right / Left Arrows for skipping 5 seconds, Ctrl Left or Ctrl Right arrows for skipping 10 seconds, period (.) and comma (,) for moving one frame at a time.

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