Announcing Pivot Table to Power BI course

I am happy to announce that my first detailed training course is now up and running at Udemy. It is about Power BI. But it starts with what you already know – Pivot Tables. That is why the course is called Pivot Table to Power BI.

All the concepts of Power BI are explained in the context of Pivot Table. This way the new topic can be learnt much more easily and with confidence. The course focuses on the new Power BI Desktop and portal which does not require Excel at all. It is an independent system. You can sign up for Power BI for free and practice all the learning material included with the course. You can continue to use Power BI with your own data as well.

Pivot Table to Power BI

Pivot Table to Power BI course

30 lectures, 2.5 hours of video, lots of sample files and exercises.

Course price: $50

Unique features: Pivot Table to Power BI course

All the content is based upon practical business requirements.

There is no jargon used. It is ideal for regular users who have no knowledge of IT, analytics, programming or databases.

Even the sample files are so simple that you can relate to them.

We always start with concepts which are explained with beautiful illustrations. Then I show you a demo of how to use the concepts. Finally, you try them out yourself – so that you imbibe the knowledge.

Power BI can be a very involved topic. I have carefully chosen the topics which will simplify your report creation and MIS generation work. More complex, sophisticated and rarely used topics are not included.

The objective is to get you up and running on a solid foundation – without confusing you. You will learn the entire lifecycle from getting data, creating reports and sharing the dashboards.

Valuable information on data-clean up can save you hours of time on a daily basis.

There are 12 preview videos for free. Try them out and join the course.

Please share this with your colleagues, friends and loved ones.  Also, if you have any topic ideas you’d like me to cover, do let me know anytime by commenting on this post.

Volume Purchase

We are happy to offer special deals for corporate and educational buyers.  Please write to learn@efficiency365.com for more details.

Update (Sep 2, 2016): I’m thrilled to learn that my first MOOC course – Pivot Table to Power BI – is now the #1 Power BI course on Udemy.  Here are 3 recent ratings about the course:

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