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Auditing Data using Pivot tables

I wrote an article about Data Audit using Pivot long back. Now, I have converted it to a comprehensive video. Have a look:

How to perform Data Audit using Pivot

Raw data can contain many columns and thousands of rows. Checking the consistency and accuracy of data cannot be done by simply scrolling and eyeballing the data. Too time-consuming.

Often we do not check the quality of input data at all. We just go ahead and create pivot table based reports to analyze the data. If you have errors in the raw data, the output will also be erroneous. That is why it is mandatory to check the input data quality.

The concept is to use each column in Row area of Pivot one by one and look at the top and bottom areas – which usually show the inconsistencies.

Incidentally, I am working on a detailed course on Pivot Tables. Yes, I know there are thousands of such courses and books available. But still there is a need to understand Pivot Table from a business point of view. In addition, most Pivot Table books do not cover Power Pivot and vise versa. I will cover both in a single integrated course on Udemy. It is titled “Pivot Table – Second Honeymoon” Smile

Watch this space for information about availability of this course. Coming soon…

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