Announcement: Mouse Ebook coming soon

The need

If you are doing serious and important work, you must use mouse. Yes, I know that there are lots of alternatives. Pros like keyboard shortcuts, newer generation likes touch and stylus. By all means use all of them. But the humble mouse does have some unique benefits to offer.

Trust me, you will save at least ten minutes every day.  It will also do some good for your wrists because it will make your mouse usage more efficient and less stressful, and therefore reduces the risk of arthritis.

The Prompt

In the last 12 years, I specialize in teaching people how to learn. One thing that I noticed is that most of us still don’t know how to use the mouse efficiently, despite the decade-long familiarity.  As a result, we often spend a lot of time scrolling and dragging unnecessarily.  Worst still, performing drag-drop or ctrl-drag kind of operations requires awkward hand movements. These things cause RSI – Repetitive Stress Injury.

As a productivity expert AND  a medical doctor by training, I find both intolerable. Therefore, I decided to write a book on how to use the computer mouse faster and better.  Here’s the book cover that was designed in PowerPoint in less than 10 minutes (I will write a blog post detailing the steps soon).

mouse ebook 3

And here are the topics I intend to cover in the book as of June 2016.

 Table of Contents


Instant Best Practices

Is the mouse still relevant?

Why should I use a mouse if the laptop has touchpad?

When NOT to use the mouse

Understanding The Default Button

How to configure your left/right mouse button if you are left-handed?

How many times should you click?

Double Click: Special cases

Slow Double Click with charts

Triple Click

Reducing Mouse Clicks using Quick Access Toolbar

Using Mouse Hover


How to find missing dialogs

Try many options without undo (Live Preview)

Instant Translation

Drag Drop

Drag Drop across two full screen applications

Drag Drop Across multiple monitors

The ignored jewel: Right Drag Drop

Using the Mouse Wheel

Horizontal Scrolling: Tilt Wheel

Document Zoom In / Out

Ribbon Tabs and Scroll Wheel

Get all features: Install the mouse driver

Customizing mouse button actions

Instant Viewer



Program specific button customization

Using Click Lock


Using Keyboard along with mouse

Zoom in and out with Ctrl – Scroll Wheel

Discontinuous selection using Ctrl key

The simple mantra – Right Click to learn more

Selecting using the Mouse

Selecting Large Amounts Of Text

Selecting Large Blocks Of Data In Excel

Selecting multiple items in a list

Selecting objects

Selecting All pictures in Excel

Go To in Excel

Triple Click

End mode in Excel

Selecting within Word tables

Drawing with the mouse

Adding Ink

OneNote handwriting recognition

Remove Background in Picture Tools

Using a Trackball

Touch Mice

Choosing the right mouse type

Which mouse do I (Dr. Nitin) use?

Mouse or Keyboard: Which one to use?

Did I miss out anything? Is there is any other topic  you want me to cover? Let me know in the comment section, and I will do my best to explain them in the book!


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