Microsoft Word Styles : Knowledge Pack

Here is a list of articles, in recommended reading order
for using Word Styles efficiently.

Word Styles

  1. Top 3 Efficiency Habits: Use Word Styles, Excel Tables and PowerPoint SmartArt
    Most efficient features you should know – one each for Word, Excel and PowerPoint
  2. Be stylish – Use Word Styles
    Details about how and why you should use Word Styles
  3. How to select things in Word
    See how using Styles simplifies selection and rearranging of Word documents
  4. Writers: How to write a balanced article containing opposing views using Styles
    A special case of using Word styles
  5. Creating FAQ documents using Styles
    Use custom styles to simplify creating documents which contain questions and answers
  6. Best way to hide false spelling mistakes
    Innovative use of Word Styles to hide spelling mistakes which are special words – like names or technical jargon, which default dictionary does not understand.
  7. Did you know: Hyperlink within the same document
    How to cross-reference specific areas within the Word document using Styles and Bookmarks.
  8. How to format books for Kindle: Raj Chaudhuri – Guest Post
    Use Styles to create easy formatting for eBook publishing.
  9. Create a presentation in One Click with Send to PowerPoint
    Use styles in Word and automatically create a presentation in PowerPoint.

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