Power BI Desktop tutorial for Beginners

In the earlier article, we saw how Power BI Desktop can help us create complex, interactive, and useful reports from various sources of data. Here is a detailed walk-through of how exactly to use this tool. In this video we will use the simplest possible scenario: Start with a simple CSV file, create a report, publish it on Power BI site and share it with a colleague. We will also see the Power BI mobile app in action. Download this sample CSV file (ZIP) if you want to follow along. 12 min video. Watch it in full screen mode at highest resolution.

In brief, this video will walk you through the following:

  • How to create a FREE Power BI account
  • Overview of the steps required for creating your first Power Bi Desktop dashboard
  • Download Power BI desktop
  • Import Data to Power BI Desktop
  • Create a Power BI desktop Report
  • Power BI Amazing Filter capability:  Anything which is plotted is a Filter
  • Ctrl + Click to select multiple fields
  • Publish a Power BI desktop report to Power BI site
  • Power BI report browser view
  • Create a Power BI dashboard
  • Share a Power BI dashboard
  • Power BI natural Language Q&A tool: Ask a question in simple English and get answered instantly
  • Power BI app on mobile
Photo credit: kevin dooley via Foter.com / CC BY

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