SmartArt Animation: Part 2: Multi-level diagrams

In the previous article (SmartArt Animation: Part 1) we saw three types of Animation Effects for SmartArt: As one object, One by On and All at Once. In this article, we will explore remaining two – Level at Once and Level One by One. These two types of effects are available only if you have multi-level bullets. Let us learn these two features. (Reading time 4 min)

Download sample presentation and try it out.

Let us consider a simple diagram created using this text.

  • One
    • Two
    • Three
  • Four
    • Five
    • Six

The SmartArt looks like this. I have chosen a simple diagram so that we understand the animation easily. I am going to use the Fly In (from Bottom) type of animation for this diagram.


As One Objet and All at Once are simple here. Entire diagram is shown or shown with different objects.

Level at once

Here level means the bullet level. At highest level we have One and Four and at second level we have the sub-bullets.

That is how it will show. First click shows the first level bullets – One and Four and second click shows Two, Three along with Five and Six.

Level one by one

It just expands on the previous one. First click shows ONE, Second shows FOUR and so on.

The order is still by level but it is one by one rather than together.

View it and try it

Download the sample presentation and try it out. Once you understand the concept well, use it in your presentations.


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