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Happy Holi – The festival of color


Download this colorful animated presentation and find out how it was done.


Four Variations

Holi is the festival of color – celebrated throughout India. I created this presentation to celebrate the spirit of this festival.

There are four slides. Each slide uses a different set of color combinations (theme). The animation and objects are exactly the same.

Extremely compact file size

Although there is a riot of color and animation on these slides, the file size is just 66 KB. The file size is so compact because the presentation does NOT use any pictures. It uses built in shapes, gradients and animations to create the desired impact.

How was this presentation made

Here are the approximate steps.

  1. Put lot of shapes and arrange them
  2. Fill them with various gradients of colors
  3. Choose one dark color and use two lighter versions of the same color to create the fill
  4. This gives the shape a uniform look
  5. Some gradient colors were made partially transparent so that object colors mix when they overlap. Remember that MULTIPLE objects can merge together (not just two).
  6. Remove the borders
  7. Shapes have a sharp outline
  8. Two ways of making it fuzzier and transparent is to use either glow or soft edges or both
  9. Never use 3D effects. Soft edges does not work with it.
  10. Finally add animation to make them rotate (Spin- Emphasis) or move or both
  11. Change the timing of each shape so that there is some randomness in their movement
  12. Increase the Bounce End value for some shapes to give them a peculiar and erratic movement
  13. And then some tweaking
  14. That’s all.

Use it, tweak it and enjoy

Please make sure my name and source (efficiency365.com) is mentioned when you use the presentation for your work.


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