How to Maximize ROI of Office 365 – Keynote

image Humorous, sarcastic and hard-hitting keynote speech video.


Learn the secrets of maximizing efficiency using Office.

23 min Video

Behind the scenes

This keynote was delivered at the Share The Point conference at Singapore (Nov 2014). During the keynote, my laptop failed many times – the display disappeared at least 7 times. In spite of that, the presentation was very well received.

500+ participants attended the session.


The presentation is available for download from the event site. But it does not capture the spirit and the humor of the presentation. I wanted to post the actual video. Normally, I record my video using Windows Media Encoder on the laptop. However, due to the display failure, my video recording was corrupted.

The event agency had recorded the video using a regular video camera from far away – back of the hall. That video covered the entire stage. Therefore the presentation was not seen very clearly.


The presentation was not seen very well. So I edited the video and inserted the original high-resolution slides and demos. It took me 7 hours to edit the video (using Camtasia).

The result is good. It captures the fun and interactivity of a live presentation along with high quality visuals. Have a look.

Download and view

This will give you highest possible resolution. View it in full screen mode. Clicking on the link below will start video playback on OneDrive. I do not recommend viewing it on OneDrive. Stop the playback. Click the Download button on top of the video and view locally.

Download from here (115 MB, MP4 file)

View on YouTube

View it in 720p resolution in full screen for maximum impact.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=600SK1u4trc?rel=0]

Content Summary

  • Purchasing Office 365 is easy.
  • Deploying it is also easy because most of the work is already done by Microsoft
  • What is absolutely not easy is to make all the users utilize the new features
  • In fact, IT + HR is not fully empowered to change the way of working across all users
  • Traditional methods of internal marketing do not work in the long run
  • Dumping some videos in the intranet (or external sites), putting up some posters and asking users to see them is simply not going to work. At best it is a good awareness creation mechanism.
  • But we don’t want just superficial awareness. We want users to have the conviction that the new system is good for them and the confidence to use it in daily work.
  • What’s new approach does not work – because EVERYTHING is new!
  • Every activity performed using Office needs to be relooked at and improved
  • What is needed is a proactive exploration of all that the platform has to offer and a methodical application of the features to business context
  • This requires a multi-disciplinary and cross-functional team which is empowered enough to cut through organizational inertia and petty politics


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