Efficiency365 Test 8: Excel: Scrolling Horizontally

Scrolling is inevitable. But there is a catch. If you press Page Down, the next screen of rows are shown. The problem is, we also need to scroll horizontally. What do you do then?

What is the most efficient way of scrolling horizontally?

Most of us will press right or left arrow key repeatedly. That’s all.

We never tried to find out a faster way – something like Page Down – but in horizontal direction.

Of course it is available. In fact it also uses Page Up and Page Down keys – but with Alt key.

Open a broad Excel sheet and try it … Alt Page Down (moves one screen to right ) or Alt Page Up (more one screen to left).

scrolling horizontally keyboard shortcut

More about navigation and selection

Here are some articles which will show many useful ways of moving around and selecting things in Excel:

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Scroll horizontally with Alt Page Down in Excel


2 Responses

  1. Great time saver, doc!
    Permit me to contribute one of my own:
    To scroll between worksheets, use CTRL + PgUp or CTRL + PgDn.

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