The amazing Rubik’s cube doodle

I could not help writing about it. This is the best Google doodle ever, in my opinion.
Read on to find out how to play this great puzzle…

rubik's cube doodle

On 19th May Google created this doodle. Amazing. It works! You can play it.

Why May 19th?

Because it 5/19 … there are 519 quintillion combinations.
(1 quintillion = 1 followed by 18 zeros)


How to play?

Doodles last for only for one day.
But if you want to play the cube, click here.

You can use mouse to rotate parts of the cube interactively.
But there are keyboard shortcuts as well – which I feel are more convenient.


There are two keys which are not documented.
Key M rotates the vertical middle plane and
the key E rotates the horizontal middle plane.

The technology behind the Rubik’s cube doodle

Google’s blog explains the concept behind it. Read this article in WIRED magazine for details.

Technically, it is a complex thing to do. This does not use Flash – only CSS and scripting. It is also a great example of how CSS technology has evolved. It uses CSS 3D transforms to make a realistic puzzle possible on many modern browsers.

The source code is going to be made available (could not find it at the time of writing).



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