Copy formulas automatically and accurately (even with blanks)

Imagine that you have 50,000 rows of data. You want to add a new calculated column. Adding the formula is easy. But copying it to 50,000 rows is nothing but frustration.

Three methods are typically used: All of them are inefficient!

Copy and Paste, Drag and Double Click. Drag is lengthy – so is Copy Paste. Double Click is DANGEROUS because it stops if the column on the left has a blank cell. And usually we have lots of blank cells – at least we have to assume so!

Of course, there is a solution – a magical solution!


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Word Formatting Frustration Therapy

Ever since the dawn of word processors, most of us spend more time in formatting rather than the content – which is sad and inefficient. This problem becomes worse if you have to copy paste from documents created by different people.

Word has many great features to help you conquer this problem. Detecting Formatting Inconsistencies is one such feature… It is NOT active by default. Here is how you use it.


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