SFB audio joke – “Can you hear me?”

SFB audio problems are common. In any meeting, irrespective of the technology or tool, we always spend time asking people “Can you hear me?”.  Most of us do not realize how hilarious and funny this question is!
Those who cannot hear you can’t hear your question as well! Devil

Here is how you can handle the SFB audio problem in a smart and speedy manner.

SFB audio joke poster

  1. Have a dedicated person to handle technical issues
  2. Use a Poll
  3. Keep Audio configuration images ready

Have a dedicated person for troubleshooting

SFB audio and other issues are common. If it is a critical meeting or a webinar or a training scenario, you must have a separate person to handle the queries. This way, the presenter is free to manage the content delivery. It also reduces stress level of the presenters (who themselves may be unaware of troubleshooting and configuration options).

This person should manage the following steps. In the absence of a separate person, the presenter has to handle this issue. Make sure the presenter practices this before the meeting / webinar begins.

Create a Poll for SFB audio check

Go to the Meeting window and choose the Share Content button – More – Poll. Create a simple Yes / No Poll for SFG audio check.

SFB audio Poll configuration

When you create the poll, it is displayed immediately. Therefore, you should create it BEFOR the meeting begins.

SFB audio Poll

In order to hide the poll for now, choose Share Content button – Manage Content. In the dialog which appears, click the first button below the Poll to hide it.

SFB audio Manage Content  SFB audio Disable Poll

Usually, we upload a welcome slide or your base presentation as well. Keep that active while the meeting begins and attendees join. Ideally, the first slide should show the title of your presentation and timing. Along with it, provide some troubleshooting information as well: Name of the assistant, Audio check dialogs (see below) and call in information.

Once most of the participants are connected, just run the poll. Share Content – Manage Content – choose the Start sharing this content button below the Poll entry.

SFB audio enable poll

Wait for people to respond to check the level of SFB audio problem. If few people are suffering, jus tell them to reconnect and try. If the problem is more common, you must show everyone what to do.

Chat is not a good medium for this purpose because those who cannot hear are in panic mode and the chat becomes very confusing. Now follow the next step.

Keep SFB audio configuration images ready

Ideally, you should have a presentation preloaded for troubleshooting.  You can download this sample presentation from here. Customize it as required.
You can show this slide by slide to guide the audience through the process.

You can also upload it as a presentation and keep it as a downloadable collateral. Participants can download it from the Manage content button in their SFB window as well.

Hopefully this will help you manage the crisis fairly quickly and in a professional manner. Apart from SFB audio, other types of connectivity problems can also occur. If people cannot connect to the meeting at all, you have to keep another presentation with instructions ready and mail it to the participants urgently. I am not including the connection problem presentation here.

Let me know if this information is useful.

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