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In just one hour, learn how to gather data, how to clean it quickly and smartly, how to summarize, visualize and analyze it and share your results with others. At the end of the session there will be a Q&A segment as well. Forward this to your friends and colleagues as well.

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Excel and SharePoint: Instant web calculators without programming

This is an amazing feature which is largely unknown. Just create desired calculations in Excel, publish to SharePoint and now, parameters can be changed on a browser page with automatic recalculation. ZERO programming!


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Session recording for Microsoft Office Specialists national finals


MOS is a certification of Office skills. There is a World Championship for it. The finals for India were conducted on 23rd May in New Delhi. 150 finalists attended. 6 of them won the contest and will represent India in the global championship. I spoke at the event as a guest speaker. Competing students, parents, educators and media attended the session. I spoke to them about the need for continued learning and breadth of knowledge. Have a look.

Download my session video (WMV format, 20 min, 24 MB).

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How to do Page Down / Up using the mouse

Simple but useful. Try it out.


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What did I learn today: High lamp mode in Sony projectors

One precaution you must take while presenting is to check if the projector lamp is set to maximum brightness. Usually all projectors have two settings: Standard (or Normal) and Eco. The Eco mode shows dimmer image and saves energy. Make sure you set it to Standard mode for audience size of 10 or above.

While conducting a session at Delhi VAT department, I came across a Sony projector which had THREE settings: High, Standard and Low. Factory setting was Normal. I changed it to HIGH and got brilliant display. There were 60+ attendees – so this brightness boost was most useful.


Moral of the story: Reach early and check the lamp mode settings for EVERY projector you come across.

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Why “Tips and Tricks” approach is not useful for learning

On many occasions, my sessions are labeled as “tips and tricks”. I don’t like the term “tips and tricks” being used for my lectures or workshops. Many people ask me the reason behind it. Therefore I thought I will explain the thought process behind it in this article.

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What did I learn today: Reorder taskbar icons as per work at hand

Read the previous article to understand how to Pin commonly used programs to taskbar. But recently, I went beyond this. I thought – the order in which these icons are pinned should also matter. You can easily drag them around to rearrange – that part is easy. But why would I want them in a particular order?

I solved that problem recently. I had to create the quiz for the Microsoft and Economic Times productivity competition. I had to create many quiz questions and associated images. During this process, I had a very repetitive activity to be done. I would create an image in Camtasia Editor, save it to file system (File Explorer), Save it to my blog (in IE), then preview it in another browser (chrome), add it to my database (Excel), find related article (IE) and then update it in Excel.

After doing this few times, I realized that the order of all the icons is not optimal. So I arranged them in the order I just described – as per my work flow.


And then it became extremely easy for me to do that repetitive work. Moreover, if I forgot exactly which step I was on, I just had to look at the currently active application – look at its icon and then the next icon was my next step – a visual progress indicator on task bar.

Try it out next time you are performing repetitive complex operations like the way I just described. Enjoy.

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