Handling OneNote conflicts

When you use OneNote across devices, synchronization happens automatically. In some cases, there are conflicting changes which OneNote cannot handle. In this case, it shows a conflict warning. Learn how to resolve these conflicts. (Reading time 4 minutes)


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Simplified file sharing with Outlook Web Access

As we know by now, sending mails with attachments is generally a bad idea. We also know that storing the file on the cloud – using OneDrive and sending a link is a more convenient option. We refuse to change our behavior in spite of knowing the benefits of the new way of sharing. So Microsoft changed its product to suit our lack of flexibility.

Now you create a new mail, click on the Attach button, choose the file from local PC as usual – and NOW Outlook Web Access asks you a simple question. Do you really want to ATTACH the file or should I store it on OneDrive and send a shared link? You just have one click to decide that. Just choose the OneDrive option and you get all the benefits.

Simple, effective – yet ignored. Start using it!



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Collaboration Webinar video now available

The webinar conducted on 30th June had a tremendous response. Most participants waited for the Q&A session as well which went on for almost 30 minutes.

You can view the video on YouTube or Download it from OneDrive. You can also download the presentation from OneDrive.

The YouTube video also embedded here for your convenience. Enjoy watching and share it with your friends if you like it.

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Attend my free webinar on Effective Teamwork tomorrow

Microsoft and Economic Times are arranging a third webinar where I will explain how to work more effectively with others – teamwork, collaboration, co-authoring and the works!

30th June 2015, 04:30 to 05:30 PM Indian Standard Time (GMT +05:30 HRs)

Register here


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Difference between “lots of work” and “extra work”

Most of us have more to do than we can manage. Everyone is “overworked”. While I do not doubt this, there is another way of looking at it. The idea is to differentiate whether you genuinely have more work than you have time or you are not able to finish work because the PROCESS you are using to get your work done is slowing you down. Read on to find out how to detect this and how to solve the problem. (Reading time 7 min)

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Amazing Office apps for Android Phones

Till now, Android phones just had a single Office app. This had limited functionality. Now, we have separate apps for Word, Excel and PowerPoint. And what an amazing job the MS team has done. With such a small screen, they have provided lots of features in an easy to handle way. Try it out and read this quick preview…


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Irritating = Extremely Useful: Why does Outlook not show pictures in some messages?

Well, you must have seen this thousands of time by now.


Pictures are not downloaded. That is obvious. What is NOT obvious is what has MY PRIVAY to do with it? The mail was sent by someone else – including the pictures in it. So how does it affect my privacy?  Read on to find out the logic and the action you should take.

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