Office 365 Worst Practices – Part 2 – Phased Release: Underutilization by Design!


In my opinion this is the worst Worst Practice. The full list is available here. Here I will discuss why phased release is bad and provide a better approach. The primary objective is to increase efficiency across the organization rapidly using the integrated Office 365 platform. Your inputs are most welcome.

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Office 365 Worst Practices – Part 1


Office 365 is now an established and popular product. I just finished a 6 country tour where I met top 40 customers who are in various stages of deploying Office 365. I have made a list of common mistakes / wrong approaches / misaligned priorities / counterproductive behavior. Read on to ensure that you don’t repeat these mistakes. More importantly, if you have already committed the mistake, the corrective approach is also provided. This series is more relevant to CIO, IT team and the deployment teams.

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Use Emojis with Office, FB, Twitter ☔


This is possible if you have Windows 8.1 or above. Emojis are very popular but were restricted to chat applications. Read on to find out how to use Emoji in Windows and Office.

If you are using an older version of windows, you can copy paste Emoji from

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Introducing new concept: Worst Practices


Usually, everyone talks about Best Practices. However, we should not underestimate the importance of Worst Practices. What is that? It is not just a reverse of Best Practices. It is much more than that. Read on to find out more…

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What did I learn today: Adding dual buttons to Quick Access Toolbar

Read this article to know what is QAT. Dual buttons are those which have two parts. Here is how you add the lower part to QAT…

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What did I learn today: Power Query Preview Hyperlink

What a brilliant feature, which was lying right in front of me for months, but I did not notice it. In Power Query Preview dialog, every field name has a hyperlink. NOTICE THAT. Click on a column name to bring that column into view.
Now you never need to struggle with horizontal scrolling in complex data sets.

This is a GIF animation. Some colors are smudged due to GIF limitations.

Power Query Hyperlink

Have you noticed the hyperlinks which appear in formula syntax tooltip in Excel?
Find out what that does and you will be amazed. Read this article for details.

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Applied Knowledge: Delayed Capture in SnagIT

SnagIt offers a delayed capture option. Usually capture starts as soon as you invoke it. The delay is configurable in seconds. It is easy enough to understand how it works. But the real question is – when do you use it? Here is a practical situation in which Delayed Capture is extremely useful.


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