How to pick color from ANYWHERE in PowerPoint

2 minute video shows you how to “really” use the eyedropper in PowerPoint 2013 to pick colors from ANYWHERE on the screen (not just the slide boundary).

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How to conduct a WhatsAppinar


It is a new concept. Conducting a webinar or workshop using WhatsApp. Read on to find out how to create and manage such an event.

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Understanding Data Categories in Power Pivot


It is a powerful but often ignored feature of Power Pivot.

It allows you to describe the meaning of the data column – independent of its field name.

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Mail Merge in Word does not pickup Number formatting in Excel? Problem Solved!



Common problem.

Solution is to use TEXT function.

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Increase Font Size

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How to use pictures in Excel reports (Power View)

This is available only with Excel 2013 Professional Edition and Office 365 Edition. Try it out right now. Enhance your reports. Make them more visual and easier to interpret. Use logos, product shots, country flags, features, people, locations, buildings, spare parts, posters, icons, anything visual.

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Bad Data to Good Data – Combining Data which is into two rows

Single row of data split into two rows! Trying to clean-up such data is a frustrating experience.  Here is how you do it – faster and smarter! 3 min video

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