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MS Word and SEO – better together

Sounds like there is no connection MS Word and SEO (Search Engine Optimization). But there is. One of the parameters which is important while performing SEO is the ease of reading of the web content. Easier the better.

But how do you know if your text is easier to read or not? That is a feature MS Word has been providing for over 2 decades. And mind you, if you want your web pages to be more readable, why not treat our documents the same way? Think about it.

Many SEO tools have a built-in method for checking the ease of reading. I use the Yoast SEO tool. It uses the Flesch Reading Ease score. If the score is above 65, your content is easy to read. Max score is 100.

So what about MS Word and SEO?

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What did I learn today: Live Writer “Bug”

Here is something I learnt the hard way today … If you use Live Writer to blog to WordPress, you will benefit from what I learnt.

I use Live Writer for blogging to WordPress. I love it – brilliant tool. I have posted 120+ blogs so far. This one had many images. When I posted the draft I got this error.

live writer bug by Dr. Nitin Paranjape

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How to create a list of all WordPress blog posts


Conrad Bangkok.. Extended exposure photo…


The need

I needed this myself. I am new to the WordPress platform.

I wanted to add a page containing all my post titles for a simple reason. I don’t want to repeat the same post. Trust me it can happen!

So I did lot of R&D and finally found this simple method. No programming is necessary.

As a result I added the All Posts page to this blog.

The solution: WordPress archives Shortcode

    1. Go to WordPress admin page
    2. Go to Pages and Add New Page
    3. In the visual editor (no need to go to the text editor) type
      [ archives order=asc]
    4. Save and publish the pageWordPress archives
    5. That’s it. The page now lists all the posts in ascending order (oldest first)All WordPress posts

There are many other options available for refining the archive list. These modifiers are documented at Archives Shortcodes.


I wanted a serial number before each post. There is a before and after tag. But it did not work as the already has a

    tag around it. So OL and LI was ignored.

Better method

Then I found a better shortcode called [ display-posts]

This one gives much more customization options.

The final shortcode gave me exactlly what I wanted.

[ display-posts wrapper=”ol” order=asc display-posts posts_per_page=”500″ include_date=”true” date_format=” : j M y” ]

Here is the final result – All Posts Page

List of blog posts in WordPress