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Remove all Highlights in a Word Document

How to highlight, everyone knows. If you want to highlight repeatedly, double click on the highlight button. Now selecting any text automatically applies the highlight. How to search for highlighted areas is already covered. Now let us learn how to Remove all Highlights – in one stroke – requires just 30 seconds to do it. Learn the magic now!

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How to read only the highlighted portions in a document

Many of us highlight important portions of documents while reading in Word. The question is, next time you refer to the document, how to read the highlighted portions only?  Most people have not even attempted to find the answer to this question. They just scroll and scroll … defeating the purpose of highlighting!

The solution is simple. Press CTRL G and click the Find tab. Click More – open the Formatting dropdown. Choose Highlight.

Now the Find textbox shows that highlighted text will be searched. Click on Find. Now press Escape button to close the find dialog. Read the highlighted area. Now to find the next area just press CTRL PgDn button. Is this not easy and elegant?

Now, let us go one step further. What if you want to send only the highlighted content to someone? This is like selecting all the highlighted portions in one go. That is also easy. Instead of choosing the Find button, click the Find In – Main Document option. Now close the Find dialog. All the highlighted portions are now selected. Press CTRL C to copy and then paste it into another document. That’s it.

How to find highlighted text in Word

What do you do when you need to read only the highlighted text in a document? Just scroll down and read the highlighted text. Yes – that works.

But you have to keep scrolling to find the next highlight. It may be one page away or 24 pages away… not very efficient!

Here is the right way.

Make sure you have a document which contains many areas highlighted.

Press SNAGHTML12a17eb9 to go to the beginning of the document.

Press SNAGHTML12a1dc69 to open the Find Replace dialog

Click on the Find tab click inside the Find What textbox and click on More button…

Find highlighted text in Word

Click on Formatting … button to open the drop down

Find only highlighted text in Word

Choose Highlights

Click Find next button. Now first highlight will be found.

Press SNAGHTML12a514ff to get rid of the dialog

Now we want to move to the next highlight

Press   SNAGHTML12a704e8  to move to next highlight

SNAGHTML12a7f8edto go to previous one.

By the way, this shortcut works for anything you have just FOUND using the Find dialog.

15 year old feature. Did you know it? Did you need it?

Not discovering what you need,
in spite of having it right in front of you is called INEFFICIENCY Angry smile