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Five ways to use Microsoft Copilot securely – Bing Chat Enterprise

Learn how to use Microsoft Copilot – Bing Chat Enterprise. Use it with your corporate data safely. Five useful scenarios.
Copilot is also available in any browser, Edge sidebar, Windows Copilot, Android and iOS apps.

Edge Configuration in Admin Center https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/deployedge/microsoft-edge-management-service


  1. Summarize PDF – 01:57
  2. Summarize Videos – 02:29
  3. Customize Content Creation – 04:02
  4. Use corporate data safely with ChatGPT – 04:15
  5. Create images instantly – 04:51
  6. IT Governance – 05:26
  7. Which Copilots are available? – 05:35

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