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How to save any video frame in PowerPoint

When you insert a video in PowerPoint and right click on it, two options are available. Save Media as… and Save Picture as… If you play the video in edit mode and then right click, the Save Picture as … button becomes inactive. That means, we can save only the first video frame as a picture. How to save any video frame as a picture?

Simple. Play the video in edit mode. Go to the frame you want to save. Now from the ribbon (menu on top), Video Format tab choose Poster Frame option.

save any video frame - choose poster frame option.

Next, choose the Current Frame option. This will make the current frame the poster frame. What is a poster frame? The image which is shown when the video is NOT selected.

Choose current frame as the poster frame

Steps to Save any video frame

Click outside the video. Then right click on the video again. Now the Save Picture as option will be available. Save the frame.

save any video frame - right click menu option to Save as picture.

If needed reset the poster frame to the first frame – you already know how to do this.

That is how you can save any video frame as a picture – right within PowerPoint – without using any external video editor.

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