Improved Grammar Check in Microsoft Word

If you have Office 365 Pro Plus and you have updated it, you will notice that Word improved the grammar check functionality. Here are some examples.

Word improved grammar check - mistakeNotice the blue double underline.
This indicates a Grammar suggestion.
Earlier, Grammar suggestions were shown as green wavy lines.

Right click on the blue double underline to see the suggestion (Add a comma) and the corrected version (Actually, ). Click on the suggestion to finish the correction.

Word improved grammar check - solution

Another example shows red dotted line. This is NOT a grammatical mistake but another issue – too many words used.

Word improved grammar check - mistake

Right click shows the problem and the solution. Word is suggesting that you use a concise rather than verbose representation.

Word improved grammar check - concise languate

Another example

Word improved grammar check - verbose

Notice the Read Aloud button. The See More option starts regular Spelling and Grammar check.


I will write a detailed article on Word improved grammar check very soon.

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