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Use hand-held microphone – without using hands!

Microphone is always the constant companion for a demo warrior. When you are on stage, everything can and will go wrong. Lapel (collar) microphone did not work. Hand-held microphone was available, but no stand available to hold it. I cannot hold it in my hand, because I am always showing lots of demos. I need both my hands for handling the keyboard, mouse, stylus and touch!

Here is the solution. It works Smile

How to use microphone without a stand

Practical considerations for using the microphone

The mug (or similar object) should be heavy enough. Otherwise it topples with the weight of the microphone. Secondly, the mic comes in the way of you handling the keyboard. It requires few minutes to get used to it. Finally, it is good to put some paper or some other padding around the mic so that it does not move (not shown in the photo).  I have got used to all these things now. So it is my standard operating procedure whenever a hand-held mic is handed over to me.

The show must go on.

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