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PowerPoint Transitions Preview

PowerPoint Transitions are extremely useful in emphasizing the change from the previous to the next slide. We have already seen how to learn all the transitions quickly. In this article, we discuss how to apply transition to multiple slides and see the results.

When you apply a transition to a slide, the Preview button is used to see the visual results quickly. Clicking on the Preview button automatically shows the previous slide, then the transition and the current slide.

PowerPoint Transitions Preview : Multiple Transition

What if you have applied transitions to multiple slides and want to see their preview? This is also possible! Select multiple slides in the Thumbnail view or Slide Sorter view and click the Transition Preview button.

Now all the transitions will be shown together. This helps you in judging the impact in a more cohesive manner.

Practical Usage

Gallery, Cube, Conveyer, Ferris Wheel type of transitions are used to show a range of products and services. Ideally you should use the same transition across such slides. However, that looks monotonous. A good variation to have is to change the direction of movement. Another variation is to show main products scrolling in horizontal direction and product variations in vertical direction.

PowerPoint Transitions Preview in Slide Sorter View

This type of transition effect is best managed in a slide sorter view. Here is an example. We have different types of pointing devices and I want to show the categories as well as products.

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