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Congratulations Mr. Pratyush Nayak for winning the quiz. Amazing performance – he got all the right answers in just 5 minutes and 3 seconds. What is even more commendable is that he got all answers right in the first attempt!
Mr. Pratyush please send me a mail at nitin@maxoffice.biz. Office Mix does not reveal your contact details.
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Right answers and related articles

Never mind if you did not score well in the quiz. If the questions were relevant to you, then might as well learn the right answers – because those scenarios are useful to you.

If Power Pivot data has months in text formats (Jan, Feb, etc.), it is shown in alphabetical order. Which method is used to display months in chronological order (while working on Pivot or Power View)?

Add numeric column with correct sorting order and use “Sort By Column” option

Repairing Month Sorting Order in Power Pivot – Part 2

What is the fastest way to display the Slide Master View in PowerPoint

Press Shift key and click on the Normal View button in status bar

Slide Master in one click

How to convert data to tabular format instantly?

Power Query – Unpivot option

What did I learn today? Power Query Unpivot Other Columns

How to use PowerPoint “eyedropper” to pick up a color from ANYWHERE on the screen

Drag mouse and position cursor over the desired color and release the mouse button

How to pick color from ANYWHERE in PowerPoint

How to create reusable tables in Word?

Select Table – Insert – Table – Quick Tables – Save Selection to Quick Tables Gallery

Building Blocks in Word – The ultimate reuse engine

How to fill the gaps in the Year and Month columns quickly?

Power Query – Fill Down

Bad Data to Good Data: Filling in gaps using Power Query


In a shared OneNote 2013 notebook, how to find changes made by a particular person?

History tab – Find by Author

Shared OneNote: Worried about who has edited what?

What is the fastest way of removing notes from ALL slides?

File – Check for Issues – Inspect Document

Efficiency Test 5: PowerPoint : Solution ( Delete notes across all slides in 5 clicks!)

When two persons edit the same Word document (which is stored on SharePoint online), which part of the document is locked?

Current Paragraph (or Cell – if editing is within a table)

Multiple persons can edit the same document at the same time

How to automatically classify less important (not junk) mails so that the Outlook Inbox is less crowded? (Applies to Office 365 based mail server only)

Use Clutter

Reduce Inbox Clutter using Artificial Intelligence


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