Applied Knowledge: Delayed Capture in SnagIT

SnagIt offers a delayed capture option. Usually capture starts as soon as you invoke it. The delay is configurable in seconds. It is easy enough to understand how it works. But the real question is – when do you use it? Here is a practical situation in which Delayed Capture is extremely useful.

SnagIT timer setup

How is SnagIT capture triggered?

In order to understand the need for delayed capture, we must look at the capture invocation. You either choose the capture profile from the menu or use a hotkey.

When will this method of triggering not work for you?

The answer is simple. Going to the menu or pressing a hotkey will interfere with the very process which you are trying to capture.

For example, I want to show how the cursor looks WHILE I am dragging something from one place to another.

Now, if I press some hotkey or go to SnagIt menu, the drag-drop operation itself gets cancelled. That is when I need delayed capture.

Here is an example of a capture where I used Delayed Capture. In this case, I also included the cursor. Otherwise that floating icon would not look as though it is being dragged.

I wanted to show how to drag a sheet while pressing the CTRL key to copy it.


This is what happens after the Ctrl Drag operation.

ctrl drag operation

I am sure there are more scenarios where Delayed Capture will be useful. If you found any, please post them here.


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