How to insert YouTube videos in PowerPoint

How to Insert YouTube Videos into PowerPoint

Insert – Video – Online Video – Choose the source: YouTube, SharePoint, OneDrive (personal), Facebook, or just paste embed code from anywhere. That’s it. Sometimes the aspect ratio goes for a toss – which you have to adjust manually. You need internet connection WHILE PRESENTING. Check this before you start the presentation.

insert video into powerpoint

Ability to insert an online video is just a convenience. Earlier we had to insert browser object and fiddle around with its properties. That part is now eliminated. However, most of the video effects, formatting and animation DOES NOT WORK with online videos. It may appear to work on the thumbnail but when the video actually runs, it does not sustain.

Inserting a physical video file into a slide is infinitely more powerful. We will cover that separately in a series of articles. The coverage of video features is long overdue.


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