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You can chat using WhatsApp on a PC (using Chrome)


Great news for those of us who manage many chats and write verbose responses.

Read on to find out the exact steps.

Takes just 3 min to configure!

The Need

All of us have wanted this to happen for a long time. But beyond personal use there are business scenarios where ability to use a PC to participate in WhatsApp will be extremely beneficial.

Many companies provide helpdesk using WhatsApp. Some others take live product orders on WhatsApp. I know some people who conduct quiz programs using WhatsApp. In fact there are WhatsApp events happening nowadays.

I am going to participate in one soon. A high powered WhatsApp group of professionals will conduct the event. I will be added to their group for a day. They will post questions about Office efficiency throughout the day and I will answer those.

I was wondering how I am going to write so much on a mobile. Now my problem is solved!

Let’s do it

Follow these steps.

Update WhatsApp

Only then do you get the feature to sync with browser.

Go to the web link using Chrome


It works only on Chrome!

Now you will see a message like this.


Go to WhatsApp on Phone

Open the three dots on top right corner and choose WhatsApp Web option.

WhatsApp on a PC

If you don’t see this option, update the app.

Now it will ask you to scan the code which you see on the PC browser.


Just hold the phone camera so that the code is visible in the window shown. Once the scan is done, you can chat on the PC.


On mobile, you can insert photos from gallery, take a new photo, record audio or video, location and contact. On the PC application you can only take a new photo or add photos from your PC / Tablet.

There is an alternative: Telegram

As my friend and programming genius, Sanjay Vyas, pointed out, Telegram has been offering desktop chat along with mobile chat for years. Here are the benefits.

1. Independent client, doesnt require your phone to be connected to WhatsApp. In case phone battery dies off or phone’s internet is not reachable, WhatsApp web app doesnt work.

2. Group size in telegram is 200.. far more than Whatsapp, especially for large events where you want more people to participate

3. You dont require to sign up using phone, you just need the verification SMS on phone and then use the desktop telegram app independently

4. You can upload files like MS Office documents, text files and even executable. Good for events where you want to capture information and make it available to your audience. WhatsApp allows only pics and videos.

5. WhatsApp groups show just telephone numbers of people who are not in your phone address book, whereas Telegram shows people’s name and hides the contact numbers unless they want to provide it. Excellent for holding events where people want to be known by their names and not reveal their numbers.

That’s it. Enjoy.


3 Responses

  1. A nony mouse has a sense of humour but in my country the telegram has long gone. Even the ‘wedding’ telegrams are often screen captures of a chat!

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