Knowledge Pack: Work Efficiency (16 articles)

SNAGHTML179d3453 Efficiency is not about the features you know. It is about the mindset with with you approach technology.


Here is a list of 16 articles I have written about the concept and its application.

Efficiency 365 – the concept

Whether it is personal work or professional work, we must do it well. All of us want to grow but we have lesser and lesser time available. Our lives are being stretched in many directions making inhuman demands upon our limited supply of energy.

Therefore, it is important not just to save time but also to know how to utilize it to our advantage. Work is getting automated and highly competitive. Many job profiles which exist today may be extinct within years. We have to rediscover ourselves to not just survive but to thrive in this new world order.

Doing the work well is not going to lead to growth. It will lead to sustenance. Sustenance for a long time is called stagnation!

To avoid this, we must deliver MORE than what is expected from us. That is the only way to grow faster in this rat race.

There are thousands of ways of being more efficient and effective. But I have chosen Microsoft Office platform as the tool of choice. Why? Because all of us are already familiar with it. Therefore there is no new thing to be learnt or purchased.

We are already spending half our corporate life using Office. And we have never looked at it from growth point of view. Therefore, it is a great new opportunity to use it to our advantage.

All this sounds nice but exactly what is to be done? That is what I cover in this blog.

Here are some articles about the concept, methodology and practical application of my approach of enhancing the life outcome by using Office as a catalyst.

Efficiency related articles

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  13. What is your Office Vocabulary?
  14. Work Classification
  15. Real work requires full Windows and MS Office

Work Smart. Grow Fast…


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