Keynote: How to maximize the ROI of Office 365

I am delivering a keynote address at the Share The Point conference at Singapore on 25th Nov 2014.


Here is a sneak preview of what I will speak and demonstrate. The keynote attendance is free. Do attend if you are around.

Share The Point conference keynote

Hi. I am speaking at this keynote session. It is at Max Atria convention center in Singapore on Tue, 25 November 2014. If you are around, attend the keynotes for FREE.


What am I covering in the keynote?

Well, it is a large event and mixed audience. There will be CXOs, IT Pros and Developers attending. Of course there is one thing in common across the audience. All of them use Office – and some (if not all) components of Office 365.

My focus in on demonstrating how to maximize the value derived from the investments made in procuring and deploying this platform.

I will focus on the effective utilization, change management, quantifying and documenting the benefits and standardizing the adoption of the tools which are available to users. Purchasing and deploying is not enough. Consumption is most important. Otherwise the return on investment is bound to be poor.

Within any organization there are various stakeholders like IT, HR, Learning and Development, Business Units and Top management. Each one of these stakeholders plays a crucial role in effective utilization of any technology – especially Office – because everyone is using it anyway.

And that is the PROBLEM. Yes. It is a problem. Why?

Because everyone is already familiar with Office, everyone thinks they already know how to use it and nothing new can happen. But surprisingly, there are so many new things that have been introduced over the years by Microsoft that a typical user – or even an IT savvy individual – simply has lost track of what is new and why.

That is why, the days of incremental improvement are gone.

Complete Revamp

In order to maximize personal and organizational gains from this platform, a radical reboot is required. Every business activity which is being performed using or around Office tools needs to be relooked at from the point of view of the new platform and then recast to make it efficient.

That is what I will discuss and demonstrate during my session.

If you are around, do try to attend the session. The keynote registration is free of cost. If you are attending and you are an IT person, make sure that you bring along a business decision maker as well. On the other hand, if you are from business side, bring along your CIO.

There is a lot of jargon gap between business language and IT jargon. During this session I will dissolve the gap and bring everyone to the same page. This will help you evaluate the opportunity and take proactive decisions to drive the growth of your organization.

Microsoft calls it “Reinventing Productivity”. I call it “Reinventing yourself!”


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