Guest Contribution – The efficiency poem!

Here is an offbeat and interesting post.

A poem about me and my work brilliantly written by my friend Harry.

the Efficiency Poem written for Dr. Nitin Paranjape

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My friend Harry Kharbanda is very good with words. He is witty and sharp. He writes poetry for fun.

Yesterday, he surprised me by posting an entire poem created about Office efficiency. He posted as a comment on the FB post about my MVP site coverage.

The Efficiency Poem

You’re a Doctor but you’ve got this geeky sex appeal,
You’re one fry short of a happy meal,
So many corporate hearts you manage to steal,
So come-on Doc!…tell me– What’s the deal?

You made my mails secure and helped me filter out a crook,
The software just popped up for me-the appointment i took,
Alerts, scheduling and tasks…boy… they’re all such a big hook,
Hey now mailing is easy peasy- cos’ you’ve changed our OUTLOOK!

When Unproductivity abounds, work feels like hell,
Our spreadsheets become messy- oh the stress levels of course do swell,
The answers lie in pivots, filters and every column,row and cell,
Thanks for coming to our rescue- by teaching us to EXCEL!

Creating good docs isn’t easy;
Blogging ideas is tough we’ve heard;
Handling paragraphs,fonts, annotations seem the speciality of some DTP nerd,
Thesis,Table of Content, Mailmerge– hell that stuff’s makin’ us look absurd,
A short power packed session with you-Lo & Behold: it’s given power to our WORD!

Making snazzy proposals can be such a pain in the ass,
Bad graphics, too many slides, dumb transitions make it all seem so crass,
No longer do we make PPT’s that’ re boring and sure to disappoint-
In a jiffy, ,Dear Doc- you ve helped us conquer POWERPOINT!

Capturing information didn’t feel like a fun sport;
Our energies dissipated, we’d nearly lost the “AHA!” ideas we wrote,
You came along and unfurled the prettiest sail on the O365 boat-
HURRAH! To your lessons and three cheers to ONENOTE!

To you the world is relatively smaller,
To you the year is relatively shorter,
You know the best airport bars,
have stayed at hotels with the most stars *****
You might have flown a million miles…or hey…atleast a quarter,
You are without a doubt, the quintessential GLOBE TROTTER!

Heartiest Congratulations Doc!!! Nitin Paranjape Cheers!!


Thanks a lot Harry. I think you should pursue poetry more aggressively.

(For those who know me personally, Harry is Shesham’s husband).

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  1. Doc, how about a way to automatically compose poems in Word? Or is that “secret” reserved only for Harry? 🙂 🙂 🙂

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