Amazing OneNote and Excel integration

This feature is so nice and so simple,  I want you to learn it right now.  And trust me, once you know it, there will be no turning back!

OneNote and Excel integration

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The Need

In the last article we saw how to quickly create a table in OneNote by pressing TAB.

Very nice. You thought that was a nice touch? Of course it was.

But there is more…

Microsoft is constantly thinking of what you will need at any point of time while working on Office tools.

Now that you have created a table and added data, what may be a natural thing to do?

Yes. You captured data quickly while working in OneNote, but what if you want to do something more detailed with it?

Convert the table to Excel

Now that is called “Really” thinking of what the users may want.


Just click on the Convert To Excel Spreadsheet button and voila…

Your table is converted to an Excel file and that file is automatically embedded right within OneNote. So you get all features of Excel WITHIN OneNote.

Neat, clean, convenient and intuitive.

There is only ONE problem left. Where is that button?

I am not going to show it to you.
Click inside any OneNote. Explore the menus (ribbon) and find out where the button is!


If you hover the mouse cursor over the newly created spreadsheet, the Edit button appears. Click on it to edit the contents using all the features of Excel. It opens Excel in full screen mode. Edit and remember to save the file.

In this case I have created a Table and added column headings.


When you save and close the Excel file, this is what you get in OneNote.


The spreadsheet is embedded inside the OneNote notebook. You will not find it in the file system.



3 Responses

    1. Hi
      It works fine. If you choose Insert – Existing Excel Spreadsheet option, it gives you three choices. Insert as attachment, insert as content (each block of data and sheet is added separately or as chart or specific table (named items).

      All of them worked. Most probably this problem was corrected in one of the recent patches.

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