How to see Slide sorter and slide view together PowerPoint

new window - part 2 - new window in powerpoint - Dr. Nitin Paranjape

You must read the previous article –
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PowerPoint has different usage scenarios for using New Window. Those are zoom editing, master / regular slide views and agenda slides / regular slides.

Detailed Editing

The scenario of detailed editing applies equally well in PowerPoint. In fact, in PowerPoint, we tend to create more intricate slides, trying to fit too many steps, complex processes, multiple overlapping shapes and so on.

Idea is simple. Open the slide which requires intricate detailed work.
View – New Window – Zoom to view details in one window. Leave the other window to see the whole slide. And use ALT TAB to switch between the two windows as required.



You can work much faster this way. Otherwise you waste time zooming out to see the overall picture periodically and then again zooming in and finding the earlier spot where you were working.

Master and Actual slide

Often we make changes to master slide or layout masters AFTER we have already created slides. Usually, we have only one window open. Therefore, any changes made to a master cannot be viewed on actual slides at the same time. Now you can have two windows open, one showing the master slide (or layout master), another showing a regular slide which uses the master and if you want to go one step further, the entire presentation in slide sorter view in a THIRD window.




Imagine the benefit. Just try it out.

Agenda slide

We always create the Agenda kind of slide first and then create multiple slides for each item in the agenda. Again this is the reverse of Executive Summary scenario in Word. But the same method works.

What do you need? I am sure you already know what to do.

Go ahead and try it out. Enjoy.

What Next

Next article we will cover New Window with Excel. And also see some other features like side by side scrolling.


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