200+ posts – 200,000+ users .. aiming for more zeros!

Recently reached these two milestones, coincidentally in the same week. In this article I will highlight the most popular posts.

There are ONE BILLION people who need to become more efficient. Help me spread the word. Thank You for your support.


Top 10 Posts so far …

I started writing this blog since first of November 2013. Since then I have written one article every day. The response has been good. The reader base is growing. Here are the top 10 posts.

Global Readers

Here is a map view of readership globally (created using Excel Power View)




Collage of all the article images – created using http://www.megacollage.com/
It allows you to upload large number of photos and creates a collage in a grid instantly.

Live sessions conducted for 200,000+ users

Since last 11 years, I am focusing exclusively on Office products and platform. I started blogging just 6 months back. Most of the sessions, seminars, events I do are live, physical events. Very few webinars.

Over these years, I have covered 200,000 + users across 14 countries. Large number to look at. But there are at least 1 billion users who are using Office every day and do not know how to do it efficiently.

So it is a good milestone to have but lot more to do.

If you find my articles useful, you can also help me in my crusade to make the world a more efficient place. Share the articles with your friends, post them on your FB and Twitter as well as other social sites. Identify articles which are useful for your colleagues, bosses, subordinates, spouses, children, etc. and give them the gift of efficiency.

Thank you all for your support, feedback and encouragement.

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