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LinkedIn WVYU: Who’s Viewed Your Updates – hidden secret

If you use LinkedIn and post lot of stuff, you will like this post. It shows how to analyze the effectiveness of your posts. This feature is around since June, 2013. But there is one feature within it which is so hidden that it is not noticed by most people.
Read on to find out…

Linkedin Who've viewed your updates - hidden secret by Dr. Nitin Paranjape

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Marketing: Twitter Analytics using Excel

In an earlier article, we discussed how to analyze FaceBook posts using Excel. Now let us see how Twitter data can be analyzed. This article explains how to analyze your own twitter handle data. Usage Scenarios: Product specific handles, Corporate handles, brand launches, events, live seminars, customer feedback and so on.

twitter analytics using Excel

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WhatsApp chat analytics: PowerShell Script

This is a post for developers or those who know PowerShell Script. To understand the context, please read these two posts… This article and the code is contributed by Raj Chaudhuri – my friend and Microsoft platform expert.

WhatsApp Chat Analysis using Microsoft Word
WhatsApp Chat Analysis using Microsoft Word – Part 2

Social analytics using Powershell script

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WhatsApp Group Chat Analytics using Excel and Power Query

Well, while we are on the topic of WhatsApp Group Chat Analytics , data cleaning and analytics, here is another interesting article. In fact, this article also falls under the category of “What did I Learn Today?”.

Like many of you, I am also a part of many WhatsApp groups. I wanted to check how the chat transcript can be analyzed. Here is the process I followed using Power Query and Excel.

WhatsApp Group Chat Analytics
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Facebook analytics using Excel 2013 Power Query: Without programming!

In few minutes you can analyze any public Facebook page data.
Here we see how to analyze the likes and comments – instantly.

You need Excel 2010 or Excel 2013 (Professional Plus edition) or Office which is installed from Office 365.

  1. Close Excel if it is open
  2. Download a new, extremely powerful tool Power Query for Excel
  3. Install the tool
  4. Open Excel
  5. You should now see a tab called Power Query
  6. Open Power Query tab and open the From Other Sources dropdown
  7. Choose FacebookFacebook analytics using Excel 2013 Power Query
  8. Choose me and Statuses (you can choose other types as well)


    Remember that you can type any username or object id which has information accessible to you

  9. Click Ok
  10. Sign in to your Facebook account
  11. Save the credentials
  12. Now it will open a query result window and extract status update information from FB
  13. At this stage it shows few results. Later it will fetch all possible results.image
  14. Keep the columns Message, Updated Time, Likes and Comments.
  15. Remove other columns by right clicking on each column and deleting it
  16. Now we want the count of likes and comments
  17. As of now, both show Table.
  18. Notice the small icon next to the Likes and Comments column headingsSNAGHTML17052850
  19. Click on that icon and do the following for Likes and Comments
    1. Choose Aggregate and Count of ID
    2. Now the Column shows count
  20. The date time column contains locale information. We want a simple Date Time column.
  21. Right click on the Updated Time column and choose Date Timeimage
  22. On the right side pane, expand the Steps area
  23. Notice that all the steps you performed are remembered.image
  24. Click the Done button
  25. Wait for data to be fetchedimage
  26. Now you can use this data in a Pivot Table or PowerView to analyze the FB data easilyimage

    This is a PowerView chart of one FB site

  27. Here is another one as a PivotChart based upon another public siteimage


Now you can do sophisticated FB analysis without knowing any programming, FQL or Graph API syntax.

Explore Power Query.

It has a very powerful syntax. Yes it is complex but it is extremely powerful.
We will cover more of Power Query, Power View and Power Map in future posts.