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You have been using the mouse for years. Here is the first  Mouse eBook about how to use it efficiently along with Microsoft Office

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Even though you have been using the mouse for years, you will be surprised to know how much more you can do with it.

What you’ll get

  • 16 chapters explaining the core concepts behind common mouse actions.
  • 300+ tips on how to use the computer mouse in the MOST efficient manner.
  • 3 downloads – so you can share this knowledge with your colleagues, friends and family.



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If you are not satisfied with the content of the Mouse eBook, send a mail to Shesham@maxoffice.biz and mention your Invoice ID. We will refund the amount in 7 working days.

Here is a sample chapter from Mouse eBook

Have a look at the content before you decide to buy. This content is unique. Nobody in the world has done so much practical research on this topic. Dr Nitin has been working on Office efficiency for decades. This Mouse eBook is the culmination of his extensive work with thousands of customers and 260,000 users globally.

Using Keyboard along with mouse

Mouse has a limited number of buttons. But combining it with keyboard keys (Shift, Alt, Ctrl) makes it more versatile and useful.

Ctrl Mouse Drag = Copy

Generally while working with shapes / objects/ files, if you press Ctrl key while dragging, it usually means COPY the object. To indicate the copy operation, the mouse cursor typically shows a PLUS sign. If you don’t see the plus sign, it means a MOVE operation!

This works with file drag drop as well. The default action is reversed by pressing CTRL key while dragging a file. If you are dragging a file from one folder to another on the SAME drive – the default action is MOVE. Across drives, the default action is COPY. So be careful while pressing CTRL key while dragging files.


Usually, to increase the size of a picture or shape, you drag from the corner. However, this disturbs the alignment of the picture because it grows in size in the direction you drag. If you press Ctrl key while dragging from any corner, resize happens, but without disturbing the center position.

This is very useful for resizing pictures after pasting in PowerPoint.
Pasted object is automatically put in the center – usually.
Exception… if you copy an object from one slide and paste it into another slide, it is pasted in the ORIGINAL position – not the center of the slide. Nice touch … someone thought about our convenience!

Mouse eBook - how to resize shapes and images from the center

Select a sentence in Word with Ctrl Click

Press Ctrl key and click anywhere in the paragraph to select the SENTENCE – a very smart and useful feature in Word. It does NOT select a line. It understands where a sentence begins and ends.

Discontinuous selection using Ctrl key

To select items (like a shape) we usually click on them. To select text / data, we click and then drag.

But what if we want to some items and skip some items?
That is when CTRL key is useful.

Here is an example:

Mouse eBook - how to multi-select files

Click on the first file to select it, then keep pressing CTRL key and click on rest of the files. When you finish selection, release the CTRL key

Similar concept works in Excel if you want to select multiple ranges.

Shift Key

Very useful for selecting many things which are far away from each other.
Windows Explorer – Do you want to select from fifth file to the last file?
Just click the fifth file, then use the scroll bar to move to the last file…
Press SHIFT key .. keep it pressed and then click on the last file
Now release the SHIFT key.

It can also be used with CTRL key to select combination of continuous and discontinuous object selections. Difficult to describe – try it out.

Alt key in older versions

In MS Office (up to version 2003) Pressing Alt key makes all menus and visible toolbars customizable (without opening the Tools – Customize dialog)

While pressing ALT key you can drag any menu item and move it to another place. If you want to COPY it, you need to press CTRL key as well.

This feature DOES NOT work from Office 2007 onwards. In newer versions, right click on the desired toolbar button and choose Add To Quick Access Toolbar (see this blog post for details).

Buy this Mouse eBook for USD 9.95

Discount Code:
money back guaranteeIf you are not satisfied with the content of the Mouse eBook, send a mail to Shesham@maxoffice.biz and mention your Invoice ID. We will refund the amount in 7 working days.