Presentations that Win! Live Event by Dr Nitin Paranjape

DBS session 2016

Do you know why most professionals don’t become leaders? (even if they have a fancy MBA degree)

It’s not a college degree! It’s not intelligence! It’s not how smart you are!

THE TRUTH: They don’t know how to present.

Presentations can make or break your career.

Sadly, nobody teaches you how to present.

Worst is most trainers focus on teaching you how to use a tool.

The result!

99% presentations are boring.

Audience often loses interest, in the first slide itself!

Often people are not even watching the presentation they are listening to.

All of us are guilty of looking at our phones or texting while a presentation is on.

How to engage an audience? Most trainers have no clue that this is a crucial part of a presentation, this aspect is not taught by most trainers.

If you don’t engage, they don’t listen, if they don’t listen, you lose.

But no one tells you that right?

The standard advice you get – don’t use bullets, add pictures, use design principles, choose good fonts… yada yada yada

Millions of videos, books, training programs and articles are available – still presentations suck. Why?

Trust me, it is not your fault.

Most of us learnt presentations by trial and error.

It is not about knowing more PowerPoint features.

The right thought process must be combined with the right features.

That is the winning formula!

However, most trainers feed you myths…

What they say -> The TRUTH

Bullets are boring? -> NO. The way you use them is boring!

Pictures are worth a thousand words. -> Sure. But only if you use the right picture.

One slide per minute? -> Wrong. Use as many slides as needed to achieve the goal.

PowerPoint is bad. -> Wrong. The way you use it bad.

What is missing is the right approach and the right content.

Are you ready to learn?  (Even if You don’t know PowerPoint)

Any version of PowerPoint (or any other tool) is fine.

No graphic design skills are required.

Are you ready to win?

Are you ready to become the next leader?

Block your date: Sunday, 6th Sept 2020, 3 pm India Time.

Limited Time (Covid Offer):

For the first 50 participants it is just INR 99 (After that it is INR 499)
Update: We already have more than 100 participants – But we decided to retain the discounted pricing of INR 99.

Want more ?

A Platform to WIN (Get more than your investment)

He wants to give you a platform and opportunity to show off how much you learnt and how well you can use it.

He will announce a presentation competition at the end of the Webinar.

Only registered participants can participate. 

Top 3 winners will be chosen by Dr Nitin himself.

Each winner will get INR 2000 Amazon voucher and a Certificate of Appreciation

Certificate sample photo

Why learn from Dr. Nitin Paranjape ?

He is an accomplished presenter and coveted speaker who teaches trainers! 

Oh by the way he didn’t start that way….

When he joined college, he could not speak a single English sentence with proper grammar.

Over the last 30 years, he has been presenting to CEOs,  VIPs, Influencers, Students and Professionals

He even teaches people from Microsoft how to use their own products effectively.

Event by dr nitin
Dr Nitin Speaking at a Leadership event by Microsoft, 2020

He is the Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional) award winner for 17 years in a row. 

You can see his profile here.

What you will learn?

He will teach you how to create winning presentations

Presentations that help you – achieve the goal, whether you are trying to

  • sell,
  • teach,
  • impress,
  • compete or
  • motivate.

Learn how to:

  • Create and  deliver presentation under pressure
  • Keep the audience engaged even in online presentations
  • Create stunning graphics in few, simple steps
  • Convey complex ideas with simple diagrams
  • Use animation to illustrate dynamic processes
  • and more …


Dr Nitin uses his FACT method to help you create high-impact, winning presentations.

He had used FACT in more that 10,000 winning presentations.


F is for features,

A is to apply them to your needs,

C is to customize your pitch depending upon the audience and

T is the transformation – of your skills and confidence.




FACT method animation

You can attend this 90 min live stream and ask unlimited questions to Dr Nitin. Get all your doubts cleared.


  1. Lifetime access to the video recording
  2. The actual presentation used
  3. Presentation checklist (used by top presenters in the world)

Your presentation skills will be upgraded!

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