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Well established processes, revenue models, and business norms were disrupted due to COVID. This led to unprecedented innovation. Now it is time to consolidate and optimize the hybrid work practices. Hybrid work is a dynamic ecosystem of internal and external collaborators working to achieve common goals. People need to deliver work without getting constrained by the device, bandwidth, platform and location.

Flexible work makes confidential information more vulnerable. Therefore, we also need to increase data protection and manage compliance – without undermining productivity.

Managing these seemingly conflicting requirements is a very complex and error prone process.

That is where Microsoft 365 comes into picture. Moving to the cloud is a great step. But there is more to be done.

Learn how this platform can help you create content, collaborate, manage time and tasks, analyse data and maintain highest level of security and privacy. IT, business users and management can complement each other to achieve more with less effort – from anywhere and on any device – online or offline.

We are pleased to invite you to an exclusive session with Microsoft MVP, Dr. Nitin Paranjape, covering Microsoft Modern Work and Security. Since COVID, he has conducted 300+ sessions for customers across 11 countries.

This virtual session will help you learn new ways to optimize your existing processes, achieve operational excellence, and drive business growth.

Session content

  1. Hybrid work – the new norm.
  2. Work from anywhere
  3. Mobile phone productivity
  4. Hybrid Teamwork
  5. Collaborative Task Management
  6. Running hybrid meetings
  7. Process automation without programming
  8. Modern Data Analytics

9. Employee engagement
10. Sustainable work practices
11. Identity management
12. Information protection
13. Device management
14. Compliance and Data Privacy
15. Efficiency + Wellbeing
16. How to Maximize Efficiency, Security and ROI

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About the Speaker: Dr Nitin Paranjape

He is a renowned efficiency expert. He has been working on the Microsoft platform since 30 years. His sessions are usually conducted for senior management, business leaders, board members, influencers and CxOs across Asia Pacific.

Dr Nitin Paranjape can help you improve work efficiency using his FACT method. He has worked with 2000+ organizations and coached 331,000 professionals across 18 countries. His methodology is highly effective, easy to implement and provides tangible results quickly.