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Sign-up Bonus: Useful Macros

I always say that when there is a repetitive activity, don’t think of writing a macro. Why? Because, repetitive activity usually means that your method is inefficient. Usually, there is a better, faster way.

Now, what if you find the most efficient method and that has to be used repetitively? This is the perfect place for writing macros. Here are some very useful macros I have written over time. Read and Download.

  1. Amount to Words macro
    This is specially for India users. A very comprehensive macro to convert amount to words. It has 16 parameters so that you can customize it exactly as you want.
  2. Macro to Explode Pivot table by Filter Field Items
    Want to send filtered pivot tables to different people? Don’t do this manually. The Explode Pivot macro does that for you – in a proper way. The pivot table is still usable – not a copy-paste-value.
  3. Paste as Pivot – New way to use Pivot table data
    Generate multiple GetPivotData values instantly. Extremely useful macro for referring to Pivot Table values outside the pivot table.