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FYI – Fortunately, You’re Inefficient

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Event Date: 4th Dec 2020 - 3 pm IST [60 mins Including Q&A]

More work, more meetings, less time.
You need to be efficient. Really?
What is wrong with inefficiency?
The best possible way of working need not be the most efficient!
Join us for an open and unbiased discussion to examine if efficiency is always beneficial.
In a conscious departure from Dr. Nitin’s lifelong theme, an unbiased exploration:


Just think …

Can efficiency get you into trouble?
Can inefficiency be productive?
Is efficiency always appreciated?
Can inefficiency actually improve employee morale?
Is it ethical to be intentionally inefficient?
In this open debate, Dr Nitin and Anindo Ghosh will examine both sides of the story.
Share your thoughts. Learn from others.
Contribute to Innovation in Inefficiency
Debate. Exploration. Actionable Insights.

About Dr Nitin [Doc]

He is a renowned efficiency expert. He has been working on the
Microsoft platform since 30 years.
His sessions are usually conducted for senior management, business
leaders, board members, influencers and CxOs across Asia Pacific.
He rarely conducts open, public events. This is a chance to benefit from
his expertise and experience.

About Anindo Ghosh

Anindo Ghosh is an independent strategy consultant and corporate mentor
with over two decades of rich and varied experience. 
A Former CTO, CIO and COO in MNCs with a unique gamut of expertise
spanning a wide range of corporate functions.
Anindo’s value proposition is not about knowing all the right answers for a
business, but helping avoid the wrong answers and strategic hurdles in
evolving to the next level.

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Do not worry about fees, its On the House😄