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What every MS Office user needs to know to be efficient...

Covers most important features you should know
across 25 Microsoft 365 apps. 

What every MS Office user needs to know to be efficient...

Covers most important features you should know
across 25 Microsoft 365 apps. 

About the Author

Dr. Nitin Paranjape (Doc) completed his post-graduation in medicine – obstetrics and gynecology (he did complete it!) – in Mumbai, India. Technology was his hobby. For 15 years, he was considered to be the pioneer of the entire Microsoft platform, cutting across programming tools, databases, infrastructure, and Office. He is known as the Productivity Guru and Dr. Productivity. He has coached over 400,000 professionals across 3,000+ customers in 18 countries. He even coaches Microsoft’s own staff and partners about the effective utilization of the Microsoft 365 platform. Having authored 700+ articles in print and 1,000+ blogs, he is a prolific writer, a sought-after orator, and an accomplished speaker. He uses a simple, down-to-earth, humorous storytelling style enhanced with live demos to educate and empower his audience. Customers call his sessions a “magic show!”. Doc’s passion is to improve the efficiency of every user of the Office platform. This book is the distillation of his knowledge and experience gained over 30 years of work

Top Reviews about the book

Today, all of us juggle packed schedules. Getting an extra hour or half in a day can make a vital difference. One of the easiest ways to do this is to optimize the way we use Microsoft Office. And that task has been made supremely easy by Dr. Nitin Paranjpe in his new book "Efficiency best practices". Across every page of this fast paced, interesting and information packed book are numerous tips that constantly make you think "Why didn't I think of that before?"

Dr. Paranjape has been teaching , training on efficiency improvements by good use of Office since 10 years. This book simply takes it to the next level. Microsoft has transformed itself into a cloud based scalable platform built for collaboration. This book is an excellent step to get future ready. The book simply explains the right way of doing things very lucidly and how you can get more productive. You may read the book product wise or chapter wise but be assured you WILL know more than you did after you have finished.

This book is a bible and one has to have this to become proficient, efficient, and productive. This is the right time for every Microsoft 365 user and people using previous editions of Microsoft Office to procure to follow the right methodology in fulfilling the task. Your efficiency is based on how well you determine in advance how to work the right way and troubleshoot when timelines are very stringent.

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By the end of this Microsoft 365 book, you’ll have gained the skills you need to improve efficiency with the help of expert tips and techniques for using M365 apps

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  • Available on Kindle and paperback