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4 methods of using OneDrive for Business effectively

This is a concise guide to using OneDrive for Business (ODB). Using it on browser and synching it is easy.  What is NOT easy is to actually use it. It often so happens that we install it and never use it.

Here are the best practices for using it in such a way that it provides benefits without becoming a hindrance.

onedrive for business best practices by Dr. Nitin Paranjape

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What exactly is OneDrive?

With the launch of Office for iPad, this question has surfaced again. In this article, you will understand what OneDrive is, what is the difference between the two confusing names and which one to use when.

The short answer is – personal data is stored using OneDrive – a hard disk on internet – for free. You get 7 GB of space. You can buy more. For corporate documents, you need something more sturdy, secure, accountable, auditable and reliable. That is called OneDrive for Business. It is not free. You get it as a subscription – on a per user per month basis. The subscription service is called Office 365. The cost varies depending upon the components you subscribe to.

what exactly is OneDrive

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Office for iPad : Finally we can work!

If you own an iPad, this is a must must have application. The Office for iPad was recently released. Free version is a viewer, paid version allows editing. Now serious work is possible on iPad!

In this introductory article, I present the results of a quick test drive and the appropriate usage scenarios. In brief, the products are created with unmatched finesse. Some features are so enviable, you don’t get them on PC as well! read on to find out more…

Office for Ipad

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How to evaluate Office 365

Currently I am conducting a lot of sessions (and webinars) on Office 365. After I demonstrate the business benefits of this product, most participants get so excited that they want to try things out. Due to lack of time, I just tell them to sign up for a one month free trial of Office 365 and test drive it.

However, I realized that evaluating Office 365 is not as simple as downloading some test version of one application and trying it out. Therefore, I thought of writing this post which explains the whole process in brief.


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