Event by Dr Nitin Paranjape on Saturday, 19th June 3:00 pm IST

Repetitive work is automated. The entire IT industry is built around this need for automation.
In spite of that, we end up doing some repetitive work manually even today.
Typically, “automation” requires IT involvement and knowledge of programming.
Not any longer. Any one of us can automate work without any coding and without help from developers.
Learn how to do this with practical examples in this session.

Who should attend and Why?

Anyone who performs repetitive work across Microsoft 365 apps should attend!

You will be able to:

  1. Learn how to automate processes without programming
  2. Learn how to use Power Automate
  3. Visualize which areas in your work can be automated
  4. Create simple automation quickly
  5. Save time and increase accuracy using automation

What will you learn?

Two types of common repetitive work: Data Clean-up and multi-step, multi-product processes.
Data Clean-up will not be covered. We will have a separate session for Data Clean-up using Power Query.
In this session, we will learn how to automate work across applications.
The concept is simple. When something happens, it should automatically make something else happen.
Trigger and Actions(s).

Learn where the triggers can be and what actions are possible.
You will be surprised to know that we can automate across 330+ apps without programming.
We will consider few simple but common scenarios to understand the fundamentals.

1. Press a button to inform specific people about something
2. Send a Happy Birthday message to people exactly at 12 am. Data is in an Excel file.
3. Send mails to people with one or more attachments, as mentioned in an Excel file.
Automatically respond to customer satisfaction survey

  • What exactly is automation
  • Trigger – Action
  • Starting point – Outlook Rules
  • Power Automate fundamentals
  • Learning using Templates
  • Understanding Triggers
  • Adding steps
  • Control Steps
  • User Context
  • Dynamic variables
  • Composing messages
  • Accessing data in Excel
  • Sending mails
  • Automatic Triggers
  • Scheduled automation
  • On-demand workflow
  • Approvals
  • Integration with apps
  • Troubleshooting
  • What next

What will you get?

  1. Session Video
  2. Next Steps and Resources
  3. Power Automate Flows demonstrated during the session (Exported as .zip)
  4. Quick Win Ideas

Learn from the Productivity Guru - Dr Nitin Paranjape, Efficiency Catalyst

He is a renowned efficiency expert. He has been working on the Microsoft platform since 30 years. His sessions are usually conducted for senior management, business leaders, board members, influencers and CxOs across Asia Pacific.

Dr Nitin Paranjape can help you improve work efficiency using his FACT method.

He has worked with 2000+ organizations and coached 331,000 professionals across 18 countries. His methodology is highly effective, easy to implement and provides tangible results quickly.

He rarely conducts open, public events. This is a chance to benefit from his expertise and experience.

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