The Namasthe of Caring

Are you a Health-Care-Professional dealing regularly with people with distressful illnesses?

Have you recognised the need for engaging with each person at a deeper level but struggle with how to do so given the constraints of time and the difficulties in making connection across the many cultural and religious understandings of the people we care for? We invite and welcome you to this unique workshop, “The Namasthe of Caring”, providing you with an opportunity to develop those spiritual-care approaches within ….

Namasthe means greeting of spirits

The word Namasthe broadly indicates greeting of spirits and the recognition of a common humanity as a starting point for addressing spiritual pain. This workshop will dwell upon cultivating our inner poise, to align with the internal environ of the person dealing with health-related suffering across domains. The aim is to inspire, awaken and develop this poise to connect, free from biases and judgments; to evolve deeper listening and compassionate responding.. so as to provide care that is meaningful to that person at that time, in the lived experience of the clinical setting.

Key Themes

Unravelling the mystery of spirituality

The Health-Care-Professional as the Tool for spiritual-care

Review of relevant Evidence

Grounding the principles through role-plays and case-studies

Target Audience

Full-time practicing palliative care professionals

Doctors, nurses, MSWs, psychologists, counsellors, administrators.

Core team

Nandini Vallath

Professor and Head: Dept Pain and Palliative Medicine; St. Johns National Academy of Health Sciences, Bangalore

E. Divakaran

Director, Institute of palliative care, Thrissur, Kerala

K V Ganpathy

Clinical Psychologist, CEO, JASCAP (NGO dedicated to Cancer patients), Counsellor (volunteer), Dept of Palliative Medicines, Tata Memorial Hospital, Parel, Maharashtra

Max Watson

Project ECHO Programme Director, HospiceUK, United Kingdom

Vidya Viswanath

Assistant Professor, Dept Palliative Medicine, Homi Bhabha Cancer Hospital and Research Centre, Visakhapatnam; Honorary Tutor, School of Medicine, Cardiff University

Seema Rao

Associate Director (Education and Research) at Bangalore Hospice Trust, Karunashraya, Karnataka