Often we need data from multiple persons. 

Usually we create an Excel template and send it. 

When people reply, we waste a lot of time in correcting mistakes and consolidation. 

As a solution,we try using validation, macros and more stuff. 

But still it is neither full-proof nor fool-proof. 

Creating a custom application is time consuming and costly. 


A better solution is to use Microsoft Lists instead. 

Create required columns and put validations. 

Share the link with multiple people. 

This enables to capture the data securely. 

People can see and edit only their data. 

Create a report. The report is automatically refreshed. 

What will you learn?

In this event Dr Nitin will explore the efficient way to use Microsoft Lists  

The detailed content is a below:

  • Learn all about Microsoft Lists. Why and when to use them. 
  • Know how to create Lists and design the right columns. 
  • What are good and bad data formats. 
  • Managing cross-tab data entry
  • Understanding Data Types 
  • Lookup fields, Field properties and Validations. 
  • Sharing the list securely. 
  • Learn about various data capture methods – via Excel. 
  • How to add calculated columns. 
  • Create Pivot Tables from List
  • How to Create Power BI Report
  • Creating custom forms
  • Putting it all together and the Next Steps
  • Recommendations for IT

Learn from the Productivity Guru

Dr Nitin Paranjape

Efficiency Catalyst

He is a renowned efficiency expert. He has been working on the Microsoft platform since 30 years. His sessions are usually conducted for senior management, business leaders, board members, influencers and CxOs across Asia Pacific. Dr Nitin Paranjape can help you improve work efficiency using his FACT method. He has worked with 2000+ organizations and coached 331,000 professionals across 18 countries. His methodology is highly effective, easy to implement and provides tangible results quickly. He rarely conducts open, public events. This is a chance to benefit from his expertise and experience.

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